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LAX Customs & Immigration - Mobile Passport Experience

Mobile Passport Control (MPC) allows eligible travelers to submit their passport and customs declaration information through a free, secure app on their smartphone or other mobile device. The use of MPC streamlines the traveler’s entry process into the United States by reducing passport control inspection time and overall wait time. Use of MPC is free and does not require pre-approval. Travelers who successfully use the MPC app will no longer have to complete a paper form or use an APC kiosk. As a result, travelers may experience shorter wait times, less congestion and efficient processing.

The CBP Mobile Passport Control App

CBP’s MPC app is a free application that can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Play and is currently available for eligible travelers to use upon arrival at MPC approved sites. For more information about MPC, click here.

Apple Store Google Play

WiFi icon

Guests arriving into LAX from an international flight can connect to the LAX Mobile Passport Network WiFi network to use the application. For the best experience, it is recommended for guests to download the app prior to traveling. Internet browsing is not possible from this Wi-Fi network. After you clear this CBP area, you may reconnect to the LAX Free Wi-Fi network to browse the Internet.

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