Lost and Found (Public Areas Inventory - excluding TSA Checkpoint)

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Search through the LAX Airport Police Lost and Found inventory for your lost item. All items turned in to the Airport Police found in the following areas: Ticketing Area, Baggage Claim, Gate Area, Restaurants, Stores, Curbside, Airport Parking Lots, LAX-IT Shuttle, and LAX-IT Lot, will be posted on this webpage within 48 hours excluding holidays and weekends. Identification Cards and Driver License are automatically mailed to the address on the card and will not be posted on our webpage. If the image is a grey box, it is an item that can only be verified by the owner’s description and therefore will not be shown. You can view the details of the item by clicking on the item.

Please help us expedite the process by submitting 1 inquiry. Multiple inquiries for the same item can delay the process.

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Airport Police Lost / Found retains item[s] for a maximum of 90 days from booking date.

Lost passports only - contact US Customs @ 310.665.4560

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